Step into spring With Finn + Emma’s lovable styles For kids on the go

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Three New 100% Organically grown and Eco friendly Collections available for preview at the Enk Show- Helping The Earth, One outfit at a Time

Introducing the all-new Viking, Miami Zoo & Arrow Collections from Finn + Emma! Our new collections continue the Finn + Emma tradition of mix-and-matching that allow mothers to create numerous looks out of just a few styles. Finn + Emma products are made with heirloom quality construction from buttery soft organic cotton and non-toxic environmentally friendly dyes, they are G.O.T.S certified and fair trade. The fashions are sure to keep baby comfortable, warm, and absolutely lovable throughout the first year of their life and beyond. Available in sizes 0-18 months with pajamas in sizes up to 4T.  Finn + Emma’s wooden toys are made from all natural, untreated Indian hardwood buffed with vegetable seed wax and finished with non-toxic stains and lacquers (free of lead, phthalate, nickel, mercury, and VOC’s). The hand-knit dolls are made with organic cotton, phthalate-free rattles inside, and stuffed with sheep’s wool.

Check out the all new Viking, Miami Zoo & Arrow Collections below!

The Viking Collection

Our Viking collection for young boys brings a new playfulness to this storied theme. The prints feature bright, calming blues to bring out the little explorer in every boy.  The toys characters will let baby’s imagination sail away into uncharted waters. A mighty Viking on his durable ship combating his way through lovable sea monsters and whimsical bears.

The Miami Zoo Collection

Our Miami Zoo collection for girls features trendy black-and-white with a tropical twist. The print is a playful zebra with a pop of pink in the trim. The solids feature “love mom” and “love dad” embroidery which is echoed in the wood rattle teether. Complementing our apparel, the zebra and flamingo toys will certainly become baby’s best friend.

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The Arrow Collection

Our Arrow collection is the most versatile collection Finn + Emma has ever made. It features apparel styles for both young boys and girls in a unisex print, making it ideal for brother-sister pairs. The black and white arrow theme of the print will win over the minimalist mother while the mother craving a pop of color can mix it in with the  matching solids.

Check out all of the Finn + Emma collections online at

About Finn + Emma

Here we live in the balance of trendy and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. here boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints and heirloom quality construction are abundant.

Sustainability is bountiful too. You grew your little one organically, so why add chemicals now? only the finest 100% organic cotton, eco friendly dyes, and all natural wood will do for your little munchkin, and we’ve got plenty. and on top of that, our clothes and accessories are produced in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence for local people, women especially, working to offer for their families in a safe and fair environment. We love style as much as we love sustainability, and in the land of Finn + Emma, there’s no reason to choose between the two. Please join us on our quest to live happily and organically ever after.

Why Organic?


Finn + Emma®’s designs are as classic as they are contemporary and as sophisticated as they are whimsical. Our collections feature fresh prints, modern colors and always have a distinct spin. apparel and toys co-ordinate, allowing for easy mix-and-match. Heirloom quality construction makes our products outstanding gifts, hand-me-downs and keepsakes. We were recently voted among the “10 best sustainable baby Brands” by vogue Magazine.

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Finn + Emma®’s clothes are made with buttery soft, G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton and non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes. Garment snaps are lead/nickel totally free and feature real coconut inserts. Our clothes have a generous fit—allowing them to be worn for longer—and accommodate cloth as well as disposable diapers.

OUR toys ARE fun & safe FOR BABY

FinN + Emma®’s træregetøj er lavet af ubehandlet indisk hårdttræ, færdig med vegetabilsk frøvoks og fyldt med små bønner. Vores håndstrikte legetøj er lavet af en kunsthåndværkskvindes kollektiv i Peru med G.O.T.S-certificeret organisk bomuldsgarn og uldudstoppning. De har en phthalatfri rangle inde.

Hvorfor organisk?

Forældre vælger organisk tøj for at begrænse deres lille eksponering for de skadelige kemikalier, der typisk findes i ikke-organisk tøj. Syntetiske fibre eller ikke-organiske bomuld inkluderer typisk petrokemikalier, akryl, PVC og estere, der er blevet knyttet til en række sundhedsmæssige problemer. Valget af organisk tøj er også en del af en større tendens mod bæredygtighed-næsten 20% af al vandforurening forekommer gennem fremstilling af ikke-organisk tøj.

Hvad gør G.O.T.S. Certificering betyder?

At være G.O.T.S. Certificerede, tekstilprodukter skal omfatte mindst 95% organiske fibre. Alle blæk, farvestoffer og processkemikalier, der bruges til fremstilling, skal opfylde grundlæggende toksicitet og biologisk nedbrydelighedskrav. Tungmetaller, formaldehyd, nikkel og PVC er forbudt for fremstillingsprocessen.

Hvad er fair trade?

Fair Trade er et alternativ til konventionel handel baseret på partnerskab mellem producenter og forbrugere. På hvert trin i forsyningskæden får producenterne en levende løn og arbejder under sikre, humane forhold. At købe fair trade er en stærk måde for forbrugerne at mindske fattigdommen gennem hverdagens shopping.

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