Let’s talk about babywearing as well as the Sakura Bloom Scout. moms have been babywearing for centuries! There are many benefits to both mom as well as baby, I suggest all moms provide it a try…or two or three. Babywearing enables you to be hands-free for tasks other than holding a baby, obviously. However, I bet you didn’t understand that during babywearing, a mother’s oxytocin levels boost making it easier to breastfeed as well as strengthening the maternal bond.

You have lots of choices to select from, including whatever from sound slings to more structured carriers. selecting the right one for you may take some trial as well as error. Today we are going to get down to the nitty-gritty of the Sakura Bloom Scout.

All about the Sakura Bloom Scout

Photo via Sakura Bloom

When you discover about the Sakura Bloom brand, you can’t assist however feel good. The business itself is a family-owned little business based in San Diego, CA. They craft whatever with intention + LOVE.

They partner with regional artisans as well as family-run businesses, which always makes me feel great about my purchase. Their carriers are beautifully made with unique styles as well as fabrics.

They are living the American dream as well as assisting others do the same. You can discover more about their wonderful household here: Sakura Bloom Story. now for whatever you should understand about the carrier!

Design & Materials

Designed for effectiveness as well as comfort, from hand-loomed raw cotton textiles, the Sakura Bloom Scout is made to last for years. These ergonomic carriers have an adjustable custom fit. They likewise include a detachable sun hood/shade. Their stylish style makes it a fashionable choice for both moms as well as dads.

It’s compact as well as foldable, making it simple to throw in the diaper bag as well as go. Plus, there are a number of different fabrics/materials to select from, let’s take a look.

fundamentals linen

Made from the softest linens as well as hand-dyed. This provider is more of a floppy/comfy feel. There are 7 color choices with this fabric, as well as the straps are likewise fabric.

Chambray linen

The Chambray linen collection is woven from two contrasting colors of smooth, fine linen fibers producing a sleek, lightweight textile. This material style includes 6 color choices. It has butterscotch leather bring straps. this has a bit more structure because of the leather, making it a great balance of soft/comfy for the infant years, as well as solid for the young child years.

Eyelet linen

Soft, Ivory linen Eyelet over their fundamentals linen. This is a stunning infant carrier. I do concern about the practicality of eyelet material though for something that gets a great deal of utilize as well as needs to be washed often.

The eyelet linen style is offered with or without leather straps. There are likewise 4 color choices with this fabric.

seek Raw Cotton

Made from soft hand-loomed materials, this material is soft as well as breathable. You can get the seek raw cotton Scout in one of 14 colors as well as it includes butterscotch leather straps.

What is “seek raw cotton,” you ask? Ingen ide! I did a google browse to get some more details about it as well as came up short.

simple Silk

This was the very first Scout provider made by Sakura Bloom as well as it is available in 5 shades of dupioni silk. moms can select butterscotch leather or material straps.

Longevity of the Sakura Bloom Scout

Photo via Sakura Bloom

The Sakura Bloom provider is great for infants 7-45 pounds as well as you can wear it on your front or back. It will last you from infancy to toddlerhood, saving you the time as well as money you would spend buying a separate provider for every stage of development. This is a big plus! You can inspect out a few of our other preferred young child carriers here.

BUT, huge BUT, I do concern about the delicacy of the materials as well as their longevity. more on this in the “care” section.


The Sakura Bloom Scout is definitely not cheap, they will expense you between $180-$268 depending upon materials. This makes it one of the most costly carriers on the market.

However, it is meant to last for the duration of your babywearing days, as well as if you are planning to have more than one child, it may be worth the investment. It is one of the most stylish, unique carriers I have ever seen, as well as the style definitely justifies a part of the high price.


There is concern over babywearing when it comes to baby’s hips as well as making sure carriers offer appropriate support. All Sakura Bloom infant carriers are licensed hip-healthy by the worldwide Hip Dysplasia Institute as well as have been lab-tested to comply with all present us government, ASTM, as well as CPSIA security standards. This accreditation is important to me as a mom, so it’s a huge pro in my eye.

How to care for the Sakura Bloom Scud

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These carriers are not machine washable, in fact, the Sakura Bloom website has an entire web page with video tutorials devoted to assisting you care for your Scout. At the steep cost point, I would definitely want something that had the convenience of an easy-care routine. What hectic mom has time to often laundry a infant provider with specific cleaning products? Not this one!

However, if you don’t mind cleaning or won’t wear the provider frequently this is not an issue.

Support from Company

As I mentioned before, this is a truly wonderful company, as well as they are extremely supportive of their baby-wearing mamas. They even offer free consultations for babywearing as well as selecting the right carrier. They likewise offer a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects (not typical wear as well as tear). client service is important to me, as well as they’ve got this nailed down.

Recycle Program

The business has a recycling program, exactly how 2021 is that of them?! They offer a gift card for a future purchase if you’d like to recycle your utilized carrier. A unique as well as thoughtful touch.

Here Are My final thoughts on the Sakura Bloom Scout

As a mom-of-three I can’t shout it loud enough, a dependable infant provider is your finest buddy during your baby’s very first year. discovering one that works for your body, your budget, as well as your infant can take some time. however don’t provide up!

While I like the story, smooth design, as well as client service of the Sakura Bloom Scout, I am not persuaded this is the method to go. Personally, I started with a $25 sound sling from Amazon (I extremely suggest this one!) as well as then moved on to a more structured provider when my infants were about 5-6 months as well as spent significantly less on both than I would have on a Scout. Also, the truth that the care of the Scout is so included makes it an impractical choice, as well as a deal-breaker for me.

That being said, I am sure it is the right option for many other mamas as well as I hope my evaluation has assisted you to choose if that’s you! I am excited to see where this brand goes as well as what other products they will offer in the future.

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How do you utilize Sakura Bloom Scout?

The Sakura Bloom Scout can be utilized to bring your infant hands-free as well as can be used on your front as well as back.

How do you wear Sakura bloom?

Head to the “Learn” section of the Sakura Bloom website for a tutorial on exactly how to wear their carriers.

Is the Sakura Bloom worth it?

If you plan to utilize a provider on a everyday basis, the Sakura Bloom may be worth it for you! They are made from top quality materials as well as are made to last from the newborn stage with toddlerhood.

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