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Stocking stuffers are normally the last gifts purchased before Christmas. With only a few days left, The healthy mommies has put together a list of our favorite health and appeal aids best for stockings this year.

everyone loves to have irresistibly kissable lips, so why not give this best little gift to a friend, family member, or even yourself? To celebrate the wintertime season and help bring the holiday spirit, Softlips is using their limited edition holidays 5-Pack of lip conditioners- Sugar & Spice, wintertime Mint, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Berry, and Mint with a hint of Vanilla.

Packaged in a festive, blue sachet, the new Softlips limited edition wintertime flavor gift pack is affordable, makes for the best stocking stuffer or a final touch on a gift attached to a ribbon. Each irresistibly, delicious flavor is reminiscent of the holidays, helping to secure lips with SPF 20 and terrific moisturizing properties.

Now through out the holiday/winter season, the holidays 5-Pack is available exclusively in the new Softlips online store, www.softlips.com, for $9.99.

Softlips is also available at these retailers:

Conair Hair Brushes: terrific hairstyles start with a terrific brush! It’s a gift that will always be used. Detangle wet and dry hair of all lengths with the Conair Tourmaline Ceramic small Porcupine round brush or Conair Gel Grips cushion Brush. Each helps smooth, style, and straighten hair. The Conair Gel Grips cushion brush conforms to the shape of your hand for easy styling, and the flexible cushion base prevents hair breakage. The Conair Tourmaline Ceramic small Porcupine round brush utilizes finely crushed tourmaline, a gemstone that naturally releases negative ions, infused into the nylon bristles and ceramic barrel of the brush. The ions tighten the cuticle layer and seal in natural oils, minimizing static electricity, leaving hair shiny and silky.

The brushes are available nationwide at mass market and drug store retailers.

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Anti Monkey Butt® Powder: For the active people in your life, give the gift of “booty beauty!” with Anti Monkey Butt® Powder! “Monkey Butt” is the slang term for the soreness, itching, and redness that affects one’s backside as the result of friction and sweat. While Anti Monkey Butt® Powder is optimal for motorcyclists, racers, and athletes, its soothing treatment can aid any one who has experienced the discomfort and irritation associated with the friction of clothing on skin. It’s also a terrific for keeping your snow boots and Santa costumes dry!

Unlike other powders, Anti Monkey Butt® Powder consists of calamine and talc which gives it a cooling sensation instead of the burning that you might get from other products. The only other ingredient present in Anti Monkey Butt® Powder is a light fragrance.

There’s also a special lady Anti Monkey Butt® Powder! This lightly-scented version still delivers the same terrific results as regular AMBP, but the calamine is combined with cornstarch (vs. talc) for a a lot more silky, feminine texture. best for keeping those pantyhose dry, while whipping up the holiday meal!

For a lot more information about Anti Monkey Butt® Powder check out www.antimonkeybutt.com.

Scunci Hair Accessories: good things come in small packages especially with scunci hair accessories, which can take your hair from drab to fab in seconds. here are two of the current lines from scunci!

If you’ve tried every hair tie, hair band, and clip possible and still nothing seems to stay put in your hair, here’s the solution! new Evolution™ hair ties, hair bands and clips, are the current expansion of the scunci® No slip Grip line! This terrific collection utilizes new technology to create hair ties, hair bands, and claw clips that won’t come out until you take them out! The hair bands and hair ties now have a new “jelly” look and feel to them that is best to hold your hair easily all day, and the standard claw clips now have inner teeth to create a tighter, stay-put grip.

Want to try something fun and festive for the holiday party, men er der ængstelige, at du måske mangler stylingfærdighed? Prøv Scunci® Upzing ™ Double Combs! Let at bruge, komfortabel nok til hver dag og sofistikeret nok til specielle lejligheder, det opslående tilbehør er bedst til alle hårtyper. Det har et varigt greb og kan bruges til at skabe snesevis af stilarter, der spænder fra polerede ponyer til glamourøse up-dos. Det er sammensat af to hårkam, der er fastgjort til et stof eller perleret elastik til det sensationelle look. Slide, strækning og “zing”: Tre lette trin til en sensationel ny stil.

SCUNCI UPZING- og EVOLUTION -produkter er tilgængelige landsdækkende på Mass Market og Drug Store -detailhandlere.

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*Videregivelse: Jeg modtog prøver af alle de produkter, der er påpeget ovenfor i bytte for denne gennemgang. Alle udtalelser er nøjagtige og 100% mine.

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